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Nouns 1 English Worksheets English Worksheets on nouns English Grammar English vocabulary OLYMPIADS IEO ASSET IAIS matching animal names with pictures colouring dog parts recognize nouns fill nouns in blanks
Nouns 1
Varnamala :: Vyanjan Part 1 Hindi varnamaala hindi alphabets with pictures similar sound in English joining letters to make words word examples with meanings and pronunciation in English sounds introduction understanding sounds of alphabets in Hindi order changed for better understanding shabd rachna learning hindi for kids english to hindi hindi to english
Varnamala :: Vyanjan Part 1
Varnamala in order Hindi Varnamala chart free Hindi alphabets Hindi letters learning hindi
Varnamala in order
Comparison Maths worksheets on comparing two pictures less and more heavier one shorter longer greater Olympiads ASSET IMO
Skip Counting By 2 free maths worksheet on skip counting colour number chart by skipping fill pictures by skip counting patterns
Skip Counting By 2
Adjectives : Worksheet 1 English Worksheets English Grammar English Worksheets on Adjectives English worksheets for class 1 adjectives in English free describing words circle the adjectives fill in the adjectives adjectives worksheet Olympiads IEO
Adjectives : Worksheet 1
Sun Moon and Earth : Worksheet 1 free EVS worksheet on Sun moon and Earth moon shapes and its name size fill in the blanks draw images with clues answer true false
Sun, Moon and Earth : Worksheet 1
Addition :Double Digits (Without Carry Over) Maths worksheet on addition of two digit numbers without carry over vertical addition addition practice
Addition :Double Digits (Without Carry Over)
2 letter words (Worksheet 1) Hindi worksheets learning hindi for kids free Complete words recognize pictures make new words shabd rachna with pictures joining letters to make words new words missing letters alphabets missing words unscramble words
2 letter words (Worksheet 1)
3 Letter Word Sentences : Hindi Handwriting Worksheet 32 Hindi Handwriting : Practise Writing 3 letter words
3 Letter Word Sentences : Hindi Handwriting Worksheet 32
2 Letter Words : Hindi Handwriting Worksheet 13 Hindi Handwriting : Writing 2 letter words
2 Letter Words : Hindi Handwriting Worksheet 13
2 Letter Word Sentences : Hindi Handwriting Worksheet 20 Hindi Handwriting : Practise Writing 2 letter word sentences
2 Letter Word Sentences : Hindi Handwriting Worksheet 20
Writing letter a Hindi Akshar writing Hindi handwriting Hindi writing practice writing hindi words writing varanmala varanmaala
Writing letter 'a'
Writing letter tdh ध Hindi writing worksheets Hindi Akshar writing Hindi handwriting Hindi writing practice writing hindi words writing varanmala varanmaala strokes explanation with strokes
Writing letter 'tdh' - ध
Animals Worksheet 1 EVS Worksheets on Animals where they live habitats nest tree hollow kennel stable shed tails who am I living place of animals
Animals Worksheet 1
Apples on the Tree English Unseen passages reading practice vocabulary Olympiads IEO ASSET IAIS
Apples on the Tree
Old Couple Having Breakfast English Comprehension understanding pictures things seen in a picture what is happening in the picture describe the given picture writing practice clock vocabulary
Old Couple Having Breakfast
Picture Composition 2 English worksheet on picture description create a story around this picture English composition picture prompt creative writing Park
Picture Composition - 2
Air Around Us Worksheets 1 EVS Worksheet for first grade EVS worksheets on air around us simple facts about air how is air useful to us where is air present uses of air helpful in competetive exams like Olympiads ASSET NSO
Air Around Us Worksheets -1
Collective Nouns English Worksheets on collection names Collective Nouns free examples flight wolves brood litter pack range herd flight group names
Collective Nouns
Air and Water 1 free gas liquid solid ice water vapour sources evaporation condensation
Air and Water 1
Addition and Subtraction 3 Find the sum secret trail puzzle find solution Maths worksheets
Addition and Subtraction 3
Patterns 1 Maths worksheets tell missing number in pattern what will be the next picture picture patterns
Patterns 1
Transportation Worksheet 1 free Fastest means Telephone radio television water land and air transportation satellite MCQs Olympiads NSO
Transportation Worksheet - 1
Lesson : Reading Practice free Shabd Word formation recognize pictures new words hindi worksheets
Lesson : Reading Practice
Worksheet 1 (i matra) free Add matra recognize picture form new word Hindi vocabulary Hindi writing practice
Worksheet 1 (i matra)
Compound Words 1 English Worksheets on joining words free Vocabulary word building new words joining words to make new words think and write light snow print work paper dustpan airport
Compound Words 1
u Matra Words 2 Hindi handwriting practice writing words Hindi sulekh
u Matra Words 2
RRI Matra Words 1 Hindi handwriting practice writing words Hindi sulekh
RRI Matra Words 1
English Handwriting 1 Birds of a feather flock together English proverbs handwriting practice sheets printable handwriting sheets cursive handwriting practice sheets
English Handwriting 1
English Handwriting 7 It takes two to make a quarrel English proverbs handwriting practice sheets printable handwriting sheets cursive handwriting practice sheets
English Handwriting 7
Picture Composition 10 English worksheet on picture description create a story around this picture English composition picture prompt creative writing
Picture Composition - 10
Red Curtains English Unseen passages reading practice vocabulary Olympiads IEO ASSET
Red Curtains
Adjectives Degree of Comparison : Worksheet English Grammar parts of speech English worksheet on Adjectives English worksheets on degree of comparison fill correct form rewrite sentences select correct wealthy wise great difficult dear honest
Adjectives - Degree of Comparison : Worksheet
Food for Animals EVS Worksheet on The world of animals mcqs multiple choice questions Olympiads NSO ASSET animal eating habits teeth claws habitat cud scavengers food chain trap stick swallow
Food for Animals
Division Worksheets With Remainder : 5 Maths worksheets maths worksheets on division divisor single digit division with remainder 3 digit dividend find quotient find remainder divide solve and find the answer Olympiads IMO ASSET
Division Worksheets With Remainder : 5
Addition Subtraction Multiplication and Division 1 Maths worksheets maths worksheets on arithmetic addition subtraction multiply divide find missing number 4 digit numbers add subtract solve calculate tell value of find solution
Addition, Subtraction,Multiplication and Division 1
Nouns : Sanghya Hindi worksheets on nouns Nouns in Hindi Hindi grammar free sangya paheli color select nouns song reading practice Hindi vocabulary
Nouns : Sanghya
Sanyukta Akshar & Matra Words 1 free Sanyukta Akshar & Matra Words
Sanyukta Akshar & Matra Words 1
Sentences with Sanyukta Akshar and Matra Words 1 free Sentences with Sanyukta akshar and Matra Words Sulekh
Sentences with Sanyukta Akshar and Matra Words 1
Kriya (Verbs) : Worksheet with explaination Hindi grammar Hindi worksheets on kriya Hindi worksheets on verb verbs in Hindi free parts of speech kaam definition explanation to the very basic level with pictures picture story fill kriya words draw reading practice vocabulary
Kriya (Verbs) : Worksheet with explaination
Roman Numbers 1 Maths worksheets on Roman Numbers Change to standard form Arabic form conversion of Roman numbers to standard form and vice verse Olympiads IMO ASSET
Roman Numbers 1
Vocabulary : Worksheet 1 English Worksheets English vocabulary building practice worksheets for increasing vocabulary unscramble enormous injurious abundance popular similar words not enough
Vocabulary : Worksheet 1
The Excretory System (MCQs) Olympiad NSO Multiple Choice Questions excretion kidney ureters urinary bladder lungs skin sweat urine filter bean shaped
The Excretory System (MCQ's)
Directions and Maps : Worksheet Directions worksheet the directions left right north south east west corner states of India understanding a plan landmark
Directions and Maps : Worksheet
Tiger English creative writing worksheets creative writing worksheets describe solitary animal cat unique pattern favourite diet Siberia extinct habitat destruction Project Tiger
Personality English creative writing worksheets creative writing worksheets describe chart to paragraph paragraph writing
Reading Comprehension : 3 : पत्र free Unseen passage reading practice understanding letter writing paryaavaran naatak hindi ki ginti hindi numbers pulling shabd samaanaarthak vocabulary reading comprehension with questions
Reading Comprehension : 3 : पत्र
Paragraph Writing 2 Hindi worksheets on story writing Creative Writing composition what if
Paragraph Writing - 2
Pictographs Worksheet 1 Bar Graphs Maths worksheets on statistics reading picture graphs making picture graphs from data analysing data which is maximum and which is minimum twisted questions helpful in competitive exams like Olympiads IMO ASSET IAIS
Pictographs - Worksheet 1
Camel Reading Comprehension English Unseen passages reading practice creative thinking question vocabulary Olympiads IEO ASSET
चित्र वर्णन : 3 Hindi worksheets on story writing picture description chitra varnan picture prompt creative writing picture sequence reading with grandparents
चित्र - वर्णन : 3
Number System 3 5 digit numbers ascending descending order in words number names in numbers patterns before after between compare greater than less or equal
Number System 3
Multiples 1 list multiples give multiples Maths worksheets
Multiples 1
Sanghya (Noun) : Worksheet with Explanation Hindi worksheet on sangya Nouns in Hindi Hindi grammar free parts of speech sangya ke bhed parts of sanghya vyaktivaachak bhaavvachak jaativaachak definitions explanations examples
Sanghya (Noun) : Worksheet with Explanation
Matter and Its States: Multiple Choice Questions free Olympiad NSO Match Multiple Type Questions substance space volume molecules density States of matter solid liquid gas shape container flowing weight which is heavier what is changing
Matter and Its States: Multiple Choice Questions
Antonyms : Worksheet 1 English grammar vocabulary reading passage select pairs select correct give antonym
Antonyms : Worksheet 1
Sarvanaam(Pronouns) : Worksheet 1 Hindi grammar Hindi worksheet in sarvanaam pronouns in hindi parts of speech Fill the missing words from the options write part names reading comprehension reading practice new words select sarvnam words select which are not sarvnaam
Sarvanaam(Pronouns) : Worksheet 1
Question Tags : Worksheet 1 English Worksheets for Communication Communication in English English grammar adding apostrophe at the right place correct way of question tags
Question Tags : Worksheet 1
Force Work and Energy : Multiple Choice Questions 2 Science Worksheet on Forces in action Multiple Choice Questions Olympiad NSO ASSET IAIS force of gravity friction sources of energy forms of energy when is work done wind solar thermal energy ball thrown planets ball hit car
Force, Work and Energy : Multiple Choice Questions 2
Picture Description Worksheet Solved 1 Hindi worksheets on story writing picture description chitra varnan picture prompt creative writing picture sequence birthday party
Picture Description Worksheet Solved 1
Measurements of Angles : Worksheets Maths worksheets on geometry finding different angles different type of angles vertex vertices line segments sides of angles measuring of angles naming vertex name of line segments
Measurements of Angles : Worksheets
Chhatrapati Shivaji : छ्त्रपति शिवाजी Hindi comprehension unseen passages in Hindi composition in Hindi reading passages essay writing paragraph reading practice in Hindi Hindiworksheets Shivaji Jeejabai Shingeri fort Toran fort
Chhatrapati Shivaji : छ्त्रपति शिवाजी
मिलकर त्योहार मनाने का आनन्द:Joy of Celebrating Together Unseen passages reading comprehension answer the questions Hindi reading practice Hindi worksheets
मिलकर त्योहार मनाने का आनन्द:Joy of Celebrating Together
The Great Indian Desert Social Studies of India Geography Physical Features of India The Thar Desert Sand dunes Aravalli Hills Camel vegetation tourists visit crops Banjaras Oasis Indira Gandhi Canal Ranthambore Wildlife Sanctuary climate in the desert water availability
The Great Indian Desert
Paragraph Writing :3 English creative writing worksheets creative writing worksheets English composition writing practice
Paragraph Writing :3
Paragraph Writing :4 English creative writing worksheets creative writing worksheets English composition writing practice
Paragraph Writing :4
Reading Comprehension : Poem : 6 English Reading Comprehension with quesitons Unseen Passages Olympiads IEO practice Poem understanding and comprehending questions based on comprehending the poem grammar and vocabulary
Reading Comprehension : Poem : 6
Reading Comprehension : Passage : 2 English Reading Comprehension with quesitons Unseen Passages Olympiads IEO practice Poem understanding and comprehending questions based on comprehending the poem grammar and vocabulary
Reading Comprehension : Passage : 2
Decimals Worksheets Statement Sums 2 Maths worksheets Maths worksheet on decimals real life problems with decimal numbers statement sums with decimal numbers helpful in competitive exams like Olympiads IMO ASSET IAIS
Decimals Worksheets - Statement Sums -2
Note on Basics of Area Note on how to estimate the area of any figure helpful in competitive exams like Olympiads IMO ASSET IAIS
Note on Basics of Area
Paragraph Writing 1 Solved
Paragraph Writing - 1 - Solved
Paragraph Writing 4
Paragraph Writing -4
Avyay or Avikaari Shabd : Worksheet with Explanation Hindi Grammar vyaakaran definition select change and rewrite sentences fill in the blanks avyaya shabd aavikaari shabd avikari shabd
Avyay or Avikaari Shabd : Worksheet with Explanation
Bar Graphs: Worksheet 1 Maths worksheets on bar graphs Draw Bar Graphs for the following table of information
Bar Graphs: Worksheet 1
Measure Angles : Worksheet 1 Math worksheets on angles measure angles classify angles as acute right obtuse
Measure Angles : Worksheet 1
Sarvanam (Pronouns) : Worksheet 1 Hindi Grammar Hindi Worksheet on pronouns Hindi worksheets on sarvanam worksheet on Hindi pronouns shudh ashudh correct sentences reading passage select and fill blanks change forms of sarvanaam words add survanaam
Sarvanam (Pronouns) : Worksheet 1
The Sentence : Worksheet English grammar English worksheet on the sentence what is a sentence is it a sentence unscramble sentences putting words in correct order
The Sentence : Worksheet
Adaptations in Animals Worksheets : 1 EVS worksheets on adaptations by animals for survival camel humps polar bears moles rabits monkey tortoise Camouflage Olympiads NSO ASSET Science Worksheets
Adaptations in Animals Worksheets : 1
Similes Worksheets : 1 English Grammar worksheets on similes making relations and comparisons between objects describing anything crossword animal similes colour similes bird similes nursery rhymes Olympiads IEO ASSET NTSE IAIS
Similes Worksheets : 1
Shadows Eclipses and Tides Worksheets EVS worksheets on shadows earth and moon solar eclipse lunar eclipse umbra penumbra sundial high tide low tide how tides are useful transparent translucent opaque Olympiads quiz NSO IAIS ASSET NTSE
Shadows, Eclipses and Tides Worksheets
Paragraph 2 Hindi worksheets on story writing Creative Writing composition what if
Paragraph 2
Means of Transportation Worksheets : 1 Social Science worksheets development of roadways engine invention of steam engine grand trunk road national highways railways metro trains important railway lines man made canals Suez canal Panama canal airways
Means of Transportation Worksheets : 1

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